MPF Welcomes New Officers and Trustees 2020-2021


President:  Rex Bevis
Serving a two-year term from March 2020-2022
Vice President:  Paul Mace
Serving a two-year term from March 2020-2022
Secretary:  Gretchen Griffith
Serving a one-year term from March 2020-2021
Treasurer:  William “Biff” Black, Sr.
Serving a one-year term from March 2020-2021
*President Emeritus: Joe Stoner
Serving a two-year term from March 2020-2021

*This is a new Officer Position, to be filled by the outgoing President, created to offer continuity and aid the transference of duties to the incoming President (adopted by the MPF Board of Trustees at the April 23, 2020 meeting)


MPF welcomed two new Trustees at its May 24 , 2018 Board Meeting:

 Gretchen Griffith.  Gretchen moved to Mariemont six years ago with her husband and two children. She feels incredibly spoiled living steps away from the historic Resthaven Barn and the plentiful arts opportunities provided by the Women’s Art Club Cultural Center.  She savors early summer mornings spent in her South  80 Community Garden plot and relishes preserving her harvest (pun intended).  With a professional background in marketing, communications, and merchandising, Gretchen is eager to promote the unique historical and endearing qualities that make Mariemont a great place to visit, live, and work. She is a previous President of the Mariemont Preschool Parents Group and a regular volunteer at La Soupe.

Bob Van Stone.      Bob Van Stone was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area.  He graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a BS, MS, and PhD in Metallurgy and Materials Science.  After graduate school, Bob worked for the General Electric Corporate Research Center in Schenectady, NY.  In 1978, he transferred to GE Aircraft Engines in Evendale where he worked until his retirement as a Principal Engineer at the end of 2009.  He published 44 technical papers during his career.  Bob and his wife, Pat, moved from West Chester to Mariemont in 2013 to be close to their grandchildren and to live in a beautiful, unique community with strong values.  Shortly after moving to Mariemont, they joined both the Mariemont Civic Association and Mariemont Preservation Foundation.  For the past two years, Bob has volunteered about 4 hours per week with the Village Building Commissioner to transfer the voluminous Mariemont architectural records to electronic format so that they can be preserved and quickly retrieved.   He has participated at village meetings to avoid the damage to Native American sites causes by the biking trails.  He also volunteers at woodworking classes at the Mariemont Junior High School.

MPF welcomed Mariemont resident William (Biff) Black, Sr. to its Board of Trustees on September 27 2018 meeting.
Biff and his wife Janet and their three children moved to Mariemont in 1983. After their children graduated from Mariemont H.S. they moved out of the Village, only to regret it later when their children moved back to Mariemont. Their hearts were always in Mariemont, so they moved to Spring Hill six years ago.  Biff retired in 2016 after working as a Senior Portfolio Manager for trust portfolios as well as several private foundations including the Buenger and Hauck foundations. In that role he became very familiar with the work of foundations and in particular the review process for grants.
Biff has also served on the MariElders Board and the Spring Hill Condominium association Board.

Lynn Long was welcomed to the MPF Board of Trustees at its meeting on October 25. Lynn has lived in the village for over 20 years and her three children attended Mariemont Schools. She is currently the director of “The Barn” (Woman’s Art Club Cultural Center) and has held the position for the past seven years.  She has served as a volunteer for Girl Scouts,  Mariemont Elementary, Jr. High and High School PTOs.  She strongly believes in the mission of MPF and was a prior and very much valued volunteer for MPF working on website content — we are now pleased and fortunate to take advantage of her creativity and expertise as a member of the MPF Board of Trustees.

MPF welcomed two new Trustees at its February 28, 2019 Board Meeting:

Anastasia (Stacy) Nuree moved to Mariemont with her husband and 2 children 4 years ago. After studying Architecture at DAAP, she then gained a BA in Anthropology and a PhD in Art History.  Her primary interest is on the way art and architecture reflects, reinforces and shapes history.  She has had over 20 years’ experience working in cultural and educational institutions, including several local museums, with a primary focus on education, teaching ages pre-school to adults in a variety of topics mostly centered on art, history, and art history.  She has a deep appreciation of the historical significance of Mariemont and with her past experience in development, exhibitions, volunteer management, and education, she feels the Mariemont Preservation Foundation would be a great fit for her and looks forward to working with her fellow Trustees.

Kim Beach and her husband Ted will be celebrating 30 years in the village this April.  Their sons Chase and Jimmy attended Mariemont Schools and feel lucky to have grown up in such an idyllic environment.  Kim is the owner of Village Insurance which she opened in 2018.  Village Insurance is located in the Old Town Square of Mariemont and she loves the historic and quaint views from her office window.  She has served as a volunteer for all the Mariemont Schools PTOs, Mariemont Town Crier, Mariemont Kiwanis, Mariemont Community Church, Mariemont Lacrosse and She looks forward to working with the other Trustees to continue the valuable mission of MPF.

Ken White was welcomed to the MPF Board of Trustees at its March 2019 meeting.  Ken grew up in the Appalachian mountain region of North Wilkesboro, NC, and stayed in North Carolina to attend North Carolina State University majoring in chemistry and biology. His employment in the water treatment chemical industry took him to San Francisco, working with Cyanamid, and then relocating with Nalco to Chicago where he met his wife Joy Carlson.  They moved to Mariemont in 1986 and adopted their two children, Katherine and Jonathan, in the early 1990s.  Ken’s continued work in the chemical industry led him to invent Ivy Free – a skin care remedy for poison ivy.  Ken has served on the Mariemont School Board and the Great Oaks School Board.  He is the current President of Mariemont Kiwanis.  He retired in 2016 but does consulting with Geo40 (New Zealand colloidal silica), Ivy Free sales and other volunteer activities.  He is honored to be part of MPF and the great work they do.

Brad Lockhart.  Brad is a native of Cincinnati and grew up in Mt. Lookout. He and his wife, Julie moved to Mariemont in 1997. They lived in their Mt. Vernon Avenue home for 5 years and then moved to Emery Lane where they lived for 14 years. They now reside in one of the tudor revival style homes on Oak Street. Their daughter, Cassie and son, Mike both attended Mariemont Schools.  Brad volunteered as Mariemont Youth Basketball Coordinator and as a youth coach for multiple sports. For several years, he was the boys Junior High Basketball Coach and currently is the girls Assistant High School Varsity Basketball Coach for the Warriors. He currently serves on the Architectural Review Board.  He is passionate about preserving and protecting the historical integrity of our unique community. He welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the Mariemont Preservation Foundation. Brad joined the Board of Trustees in June, 2019.


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