Board of Trustees


Officers:   President:  Rex Bevis
                   Vice President:  Paul Mace
                   Secretary:  Cindy Chalfonte
                   Treasurer:  William “Biff” Black, Sr.   
                   *President Emeritus:
Joe Stoner
*This is a new Officer Position, to be filled by the outgoing President, created to offer continuity and aid the transference of duties to the incoming President (adopted by the MPF Board of Trustees at the April 23, 2020 meeting)


Kim Beach
Aileen Beatty
Betty Clingerman
Bridgett Karlson
Don Keyes
Marcy Lewis
Brad Lockhart
Doug Manzler
Eric Marsland
Charles Martinez
Gail McBride
Jeff Molski
Anastasia Nurre
Mary Ann Schwartz
Janet Setchell
Bob Van Stone
Tom Walsh
Ken White
Lisa Woodruff
Mary Beth York

Mayor, Ex-Officio:  Bill Brown
Executive Secretary:  Jera Srikalasin
Archivist:  Linda Bartlett

 MPF WELCOMES NEW TRUSTEES-see who is new on the Board for 2021!