Important Update on MPF Grant Program

The Mariemont Preservation Foundation Grants Program has been cancelled, effectively, February 26, 2016.  The Trustees of the Foundation are taking time to review the influence the program has had over the last three (3) years as measured against the MPF Mission Statement:

  1. To foster within the Village of Mariemont an appreciation for the unique qualities of the Village.
  2. To assure the continuity of the principles of town planning.
  3. To award a variety of partial and fully funded grants in the Village of Mariemont which will benefit historic properties and historic districts.
  4. To partner with groups and organizations who are focused on further enhancing the quality of life in the Village of Mariemont.
  5. To perpetuate the dream of Mariemont’s founder, Mary Emery, of the Village as a special place for family life.

To that end, $35,000 has been expended to individuals, groups and organizations within the Village.  The following groups and organizations have been recipients of grant monies since 2013:

  • $500 – Dr. Ken Tankersley & Joseph Schaffer for radiocarbon dating of soil from the Fort Ancient Site in Mariemont.
  • $4500 – Woman’s Art Club (the Barn) for 2013-2015 funding for family-centered cultural events.
  • $2000 – Mariemont South 80 Trials for signage.
  • $2000 – Mariemont Garden Club for beautification of Isabella Hopkins Park.
  • $5000 – MariElders for building repairs.
  • $12500 – Village of Mariemont for Boathouse.
  • $1000 – Cincinnati Waldorf School for sidewalk repair.

Finally, the Trustees are sincerely appreciative of the positive comments their awards have generated.