Mission Statement

Our Mission and Goals:

To foster within the community an appreciation for the unique qualities of the Village.

  • Grow the MPF endowment fund to $1,000,000.
  • Continue to provide in-school and other docent-guided programs.
  • Maintain strong relations with Village administration.
  • Maintain strong relations with the Thomas J. Emery Memorial.

Communicate to the people of the Village the accomplishments and mission of MPF

  • To assure the continuity of the principles of town planning.
  • Adhere to the ideals presented in John Nolen’s “Master Plan” for Mariemont when addressing contemporary issues regarding town planning.
  • Support efforts to protect the status of Wooster Pike, encourage rerouting of US 50 traffic,
  • support Lunken Airport flight pattern controls, and monitor development of the “Eastern Corridor”.

To collect and preserve historic archives and artifacts, and protect historic properties.

  •  Promote the maintenance/restoration of all historic properties in the Village of Mariemont
    – work for acquisition of the Ferris House;
    – continue to advocate the preservation of historic buildings
  • Collect historic artifacts and records as outlined in MPF’s “Collections Policy”.
    – conduct interviews to record and preserve oral histories related to the history of    Mariemont;
    – secure Madisonville Site artifacts and chronicles from private and institutional collections;
  • Digitally archive artifacts and records to develop interactive and archival displays.

To perpetuate the dream of Mariemont’s founder, Mary Emery, of the Village as a special place for family life.

  • Support Village floral planting/landscaping activities.
  • Develop historic trails
  • Assure proper maintenance of the pioneer cemetery
  • Promote and encourage MPF membership and participation by all age groups
    – increase MPF membership to 400.