Where Do Your Membership Dollars Go??

With your contribution we can continue to preserve and promote the unique qualities that make Mariemont a desirable and truly exceptional, family-friendly, historic community.

Many previous MPF accomplishments are visible throughout the Village:
◊  Our Historic Street Lamps
◊  The beautifully lit Cupolas
 The restored Boathouse
The construction of the John Nolen Pavillion across from the pool
◊  Plaques identifying our Historic Housing Groups
◊  And, of course, our National Historic Landmark status

In the future, MPF will continue to expand our support for:

Educational Programs:
Supporting Mariemont Schools with docent programs for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades;
Providing guided tours for local, national, and international groups ;
Hosting the Millard Rogers, Jr. Lecture Series.

Community Efforts and Enhancements:
Supporting the protection of the South-80 trails and Native American Village site;
Advocating against the Eastern Corridor expansion along Route 50;
Financial support of The Barn and its continuing building improvements and programs;
Village-wide tree planting program (https://mariemontpreservation.org/tree-planting-program/)
Making monetary contributions to community organizations and special Village events;
Hosting the annual end of summer Taste of Mariemont at the Concourse;
Hosting the MPF Members’ Holiday Reception at The Inn.

Promoting Preservation:
Expanding our collection of historic material and archives which are open to the public;
Exploring the restoration of the Family Statuary;
Supporting efforts in the Historic District; and
Preservation of the newly acquired Eliphalet Ferris Pioneer house