Family Statuary and Dale Park Project Description

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View the proposed new shelter and the plans for Dale Park Gardens

Proposed Family Statuary Shelter

  • Traditional design utilizing limestone, stucco and red brick apron
  • Design complements adjacent architecture (Italian Renaissance, Georgian, Colonial)
  • Statues are carefully centered between natural limestone columns
  • The semi-elliptical shape allows an unimpeded view of the statues from all angles
  • ADA accessibility around the statuary

Proposed Plans for Dale Park Gardens

The plans for the rehabilitation of Dale Park Gardens include:

  • A more resident friendly and useable lawn space in front of the Family Statuary
  • A beautiful new ADA accessible entrance at the highly visible corner of Wooster Pike and Plainville Road
  • Landscaped entrance area with annual and seasonal plantings
  • Flowering trees provide a border around the park
  • Low maintenance plantings by the Family Statuary seat wall
  • Ornamental grasses to provide a backdrop behind the Statuary

Last modified: January 21, 2024