CNU Visits Mariemont for Tour

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Congress of New Urbanists (CNU) tour Mariemont 

On a sunny afternoon this past month, MPF enjoyed hosting a walking and driving tour for the CNU delegates to see John Nolen’s town planning exemplar Village! With expert guidance from Frank Raeon, Rick Greiwe and Matt Ayer, nearly 50 participants gained firsthand knowledge of how Nolen’s 1921 plan for Mariemont has stood the test of time. After touring the original Historic District buildings of Mariemont they then viewed new construction, exemplifying how thoughtful design can blend old and new rather than contrast with the old. 

Rick Griewe discusses condominium plans with CNU delegates

MPF provides individual or group walking /driving tours throughout the year which can be pitched to age and/or interest. If you are interested in arranging a tour, please contact MPF at 513-272-1166 or [email protected]

Last modified: June 11, 2024