MHS Students Take Mariemont Tour

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Cindy Chalfonte and Janet Setchell recently created a special tour for Mariemont High School (MHS) students. Touching briefly on the history of Mariemont, Cindy and Janet engaged the students with tales from the past and little known facts as they walked around Mariemont. The students were particularly enthralled with the long-gone lagoon, the summer garden behind the Mariemont Inn, the bowling alley and rife range in what was the Thomas J Emery Recreation Center, and their introduction to “Chip” in the Mariemont Inn! 

MHS Students in the foyer of the Mariemont Inn

MPF provides individual or group walking /driving tours throughout the year which can be pitched to age and/or interest. If you are interested in arranging a tour, please contact MPF at 513-272-1166 or [email protected]

Last modified: June 11, 2024